Bioxelan Hydroface Miragloss Liftoskin In Kenya
Bioxelan Skin Renewal– has benefits like nourishing, moisturizing, repairing, protecting and relaxing your skin complexion. Additionally it reduces fine lines and pores but may cause rashes on the skin & itchy skin. Additionally it improves the condition of your skin hence bringing it much-needed relief from various forms of skin irritation.

Hydroface Cream-  Reduces wrinkles & fine lines. It also increases elasticity & firmness in the skin. There is a specific formulation for wrinkles and moisturizing the skin. There is also a formulation for the different skin aging signs in the eye area. It is available in our bioxelan hydroface miragloss liftoskin in kenya category.

Milagross is a fast-acting skin whitening cream that creates a luminous glow and helps diminish the appearance of visible freckles, spots, acne scars and other blemishes. MiraGloss skin lightening system is a blend of powerful ingredients intended to produce good results while also providing the skin with the protection and nourishment it needs daily

Liftoskin- is a safe and potent skincare formula. It is a fast acting product which delivers the desired results and they last for long. It improves skin radiance, youthfulness and attractiveness

We also have scar serums and various scar removers in our  bioxelan hydroface miragloss liftoskin in kenya category. They peel off the skin leading to even whitening or lightening of the skin. Pinkgodess and other skin care and skin lightening products are also available. There is a whole lot of bleaching creams in our store to chose from.

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