BB Clear 5In1 Lightening Eclaircissant Anti-DarkSpot Cream With AHA in Nairobi


  • Anti dark spots
  • Anti stretch marks
  • Anti ageing
  • Treats hyperpigmentation
  • Tone corrector
  • Skin toning and firming
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    BB Clear 5In1 Cream Lightening Eclaircissant Anti-DarkSpot Cream-With AHA


    BB Clear 5In1 Cream combines de-pigmentation plant-base ingredients with exfoliating efficiency of fruity acids. Secondly, it improves the appearance of skin and help repair dark spots and sun damage for younger-looking, silky skin. If you need a lighter tone, don’t worry. It lightens your skin and revitalizes it. Thirdly, it makes the skin smooth and radiate beautifully. Even better, BB Clear 5In1 Cream is adapted to all skin types!

    How To Use

    • Apply a thin, even layer to clean, dry face, avoiding the eye and lips area.
      Give BB Clear 5In1 Cream a few minutes to absorb.
      Dry skin – use every day during evening skin care routine.
      manchester united kenya fansSensitive skin – use during evening skin care 2-3 times a week.
      Oily skin – use every day during morning and evening skin care.
      Body care – apply a small amount of cream once a day on clean, dry skin where you have dark spots

    This cream has been especially created to give you rapidly a clear and even complexion. This is because BB Clear 5In1 Cream’s unique and specific formula is enriched with antioxidant carrot extract. Therefore it eliminates all hyper pigmentation brown spots. Furthermore, it ensures your skin sweetness and flexibility is not affected. So, you will get a unified, beautiful and bright skin.


    Apply BB Clear 5In1 Cream twice daily after your bath. Mass delicately to make penetrate. Worth noting is that it’s for external use only.

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