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Blush is a cosmetic for coloring the cheeks in varying shades or the lips red. Expertly applied it can shape and define your face, creating the illusion of cheekbones that don’t exist—and it’s easier to do than you think: … To create higher cheekbones: Choose a contouring powder or a matte bronzer a shade or two darker than your skin. In a nutshell, blush is used to add a flush of color to the cheeks, while bronzer is intended to make the skin look sun-kissed or tan. As a result, blush tends to come in variations of pink (sometimes with peach or plum undertones), where bronzer is typically brown or gold in color.

Additionally it adds a healthy glow to your skin. It makes the skin look flushed without the need to spend an hour at the gym to achieve the same result. Bronzer: Adding warmth to your skin tone is achieved by using a bronzer. Sweep your blush from the ear down the cheekbone towards the mouth. Add a little touch of blush to the chin and blend it well to make your face appear longer. Oblong/long faces – Apply blush on cheekbones below the outer corners of the eyes and blend well. Be sure the blush never extends lower than the tip of the nose.

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