Lip Gloss & Stains In Kenya

What is Lip Gloss & Stains? Lip Stains were a precursor to liquid lipsticks, as they, too, are a liquid. The difference is that a stain is heavily pigmented but sheer, so your lips will be tinted, but still show through the product. Think a popsicle stain. They are very thin so they feel light on the lips, and the color clings for hours until it wears off. Stains are great for casual wear that you don’t have to constantly check up on or reapply. Also, many lip stains double as cheek tints (that being said, you can also use lipstick as a cream blush.)

A Lip Gloss packs a high-shine finish that can be just as glamorous as a matte lip. They are usually the most comfortable and moisturizing on the lip, though because of that high moisture content, can be the easiest to rub off.If you do want a more moisturizing product, a glossy or high shine finish will be the way to go, with the understanding that they don’t have the best staying power. Hydrating and glossy lipsticks are comfortable, but because of the high moisture content, it’s going to be easier for them to slip off. That’s why a liner is always a good idea. Because the product is more dry, it will create a nice base so that even if your lip color does slide off, you won’t be left with bare, patchy lips until you reapply.

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