Vitamins And Minerals In Kenya

 In our MensMaxSuppliments stores we take pride in being an ‘all in one’ kind of a store where our clients can find everything under one roof if not all that they need. Here we first of all start by defining what a Vitamin is. A vitamin we can say is an essential compound of organic molecules that cannot be synthesized in the body.
This therefore means that it is acquired through the diet that the person takes. In our store of Vitamins minerals in Kenya we can say that they are to be taken in sufficiently small amounts.

Additionally its worth stating here that Vitamins are beneficial in many metabolic processes of the body. You can purchase Vitamins online. It is safe to take them. Vitamins help us to live better. They repair cellular damage. Vitamins support the nervous system. You should take them in the right quantity.

People ask whether Vitamins are core in the body. The answer to such questions will be found as we look at each and every Vitamin type and its work in the human body.Additionally its good to consult your doctor. This is because of correct prescription. A doctor will also advise you on what you lack.

To kick the ball rolling, i need to state that we have two main types of vitamins namely; fat-soluble vitamins (Vitamins A, D, E, and K) and water-soluble vitamins (Vitamins B and C). Fat soluble Vitamins are also called carotenoids because they can be converted by the body into retinol. As the names suggest fat-soluble vitamins are stored in the fatty tissues .And they can they can also be stored in the body for longer periods of time to be consumed later.

On the other hand water-soluble vitamins are different because they cannot be stored in the body. Meaning therefore that they are excreted out in the urine by the excretory system and need to be taken regularly. Additionally its good to consult your doctor. This is because of correct prescription. A doctor will also advise you on what you lack.
Vitamin A
Vitamin A  is important for a better eyesight and also improves our immune system. Additionally it promotes a healthy skin and maintains different organs not forgetting muscle tissues growing healthy and also healthy reproductive system. This Vitamin is mainly found in eggs, fish and different milk products. Worth mentioning is that the absence of vitamin A in sufficient amount leads to a disease known as xerophthalmia. It lowers the risks of cancer. It also reduces the risk of acne. Vitamin E supports healthy growth and reproduction. It also promotes growth of a healthy immune system. It helps development of babies in the womb. Vitamin E reduces the risk of fructures. Bones become strong. It promotes our eyesight. It also helps with development of sperm cells. Vitamin E lack among women reduces egg quality. Women should take foods concentrated with Vitamin E.
Vitamin B
The 2nd Vitamin that we put our lens on is Vitamin B. I have to state here that this is a diverse form of vitamin that is further divided into B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12.  It improves eyesight and helps in cells growth. Additionally it gives a healthy brain. It also helps with digestion. It is good for muscle toning and cardiovascular health. Vitamin B increases energy levels. It is good for expectant women. This is because it reduces risks of birth defects. It also reduces nauses. Skin rashes can be a sign that you lack Vitamin D. A swollen tongue and fatigue can be another sign. Irritability and depression are also symptoms that you do not have enough Vitamin D. It is good to consult your doctor when you notice such signs.

Vitamin C
Focusing  on Vitamin C we have to point out that this is an anti-oxidant which means it produces an inhibiting effect on the aging process.  Vitamin C is responsible for the healing of injuries, which it does by producing collagen leading to a better immune system. 

VitaminC is key in the formation of iron which is an essential component in driving oxygen into different parts of the body. It is involved in many body functions. Vitamin C is useful in formation of Collagen and also immunity. It is  helps in the healing of wounds. Also maintenance of bones.This Vitamin has received alot of attention. It reduces high blood pressure. VitaminC reduces uric acid levels. It also lowers the risk of gout. It also strengthens our skin defense system. Using it reduces the risk of Dementia.
Vitamin D
Vitamin D is a very essential vitamin as we continue with our Vitamins Minerals In Kenya. You can easily obtain it from the sunlight and it helps in the growth of bone tissues. It does this by absorbing the calcium from different sources. Deficiency in Vitamin D causes rickets and deformed bones in children. It causes softened bones, spontaneous fractures and also tooth decay. People need Vitamin D. It helps intestines to absorb calcium. It helps in maintenance of phosphorous levels. Its lack can cause rickets. This is in young children. It also raises immunity. The body becomes healthy. It is a natural sunscreen. It reduces muscle pain. Vitamin D protects against cancer. It also treats some cancers. It lowers the risk of constipation. Stops dry mouth conditions.

The deficiency of vitamin D c leads to osteoporosis. Notably, Vitamin D can also be acquired through external environment but since many people work indoors its can wise to consume food that are rich in it. It is to be found in fish, dairy products like yoghurt/cheese/ milk and Fish oils. vitamin D is not a vitamin. It is a prohormone. This means it is precursor of a hormone.
Vitamin E
The next Vitamin that we focus on in our Vitamins Minerals In Kenya analysis is Vitamin E. It reduces skin itching. Vitamin E heals eczema and psoriasis. It minimizes the appearance of scars. It treats fine lines and scars. Vitamin E moisturizes the skin. It prevents Cancer. Vitamin E benefits are cosmetic. They have little scientific support. Oil from it fight inflammation. It also protects against heart burns. Your skin stays healthy. Moisturizing supports nail health. It prevents nail cracking. It also prevent yellowing of nails. Some people are allergic to Vitamin E. It is okay to consult your doctor. Its good to do a patch test before using Vitamin C. You apply a small portion on a wound and wait. You increase the amount gradually. Vitmain E Oil can work together with moisturizing creams. It enhances the cream benefits. Vitamin E oil buffers against irritation.

Vitamin E is also a type of anti-oxidant. It helps the body to produce better defense against diseases. It is a safe Vitamin to purchase.
Vitamin K
Vitamin K is key in  blood to coagulation. To get it in your body you eat leafy and green vegetables . Deficiency of Vitamin K  leads to serious internal bleeding and internal clot formation. It is helpful to babies. It improves bones.  This Vitamin decreases the risk of fractures. Vitamin K boosts memory. Vitamin K also regulates blood pressure. It interacts well with drugs. Its benefits in the body are vast.

Its not only Vitamins that the body needs.  We also have minerals which are chemical elements required by living organisms.

Many nutritionists call them dietary minerals which are an addition to carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen present in most organic molecules and equally important to the body

Vitamins Minerals In Kenya are categorized in two;




Macrominerals include elements such as Calcium, Phosophorous, Potassium, Magnesium, Salt(sodium chloride)
All the above elements must be in constant supply in the body because their lack brings life threatening complications.

Lack of Calcium results in low bone mineral density, rickets, osteomalacia and osteoporosis.

Deficiency of Phosphorous though very rare is always a threat to premature infants, those who use antacids, alcoholics, uncontrolled diabetes mellitus and refeeding syndrome.

-Low levels of potassium in the body though not a result of insufficient dietary intake but mostly caused by protein wasting conditions and also diuretics that can cause excessive loss of potassium in the urine is dangerous. Low blood potassium can result in cardiac arrest

Lack of Magnesium in the body is rare because of abundance of magnesium in foods. Those with gastrointestinal disorders, kidney disorders, and alcoholism are at a high risk of deficiency.

Salt (Sodium Chloride) deficiency in the body does not result from low dietary intake. It typically results from increased fluid retention. One may notice nausea, vomiting, headache, cramps, fatigue, and disorientation
Take mostly in foods rich in Iron with Vitamin C that enhances absorption. They include Iron, Zinc, Copper, Chromium, Fluoride, Iodine, Selenium, Manganese and Molybdenum.

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