Sinuses Management Supplements In Kenya

Sinuses Management Supplements can also include Decongestants, Over-the-counter cold and allergy medications or Nasal saline rinses. Also Sprays such as Tinnitus Relief Spray and Gooyeer Lung Cleansing Spray.

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the tissues in your sinuses (spaces in your forehead, cheeks and nose usually filled with air). It causes facial pain, a stuffy or runny nose, and sometimes a fever and other symptoms. Conversely, it’s usually caused by the common cold, but other viruses, bacteria, fungi and allergies can also cause sinusitis.

Below we will cover some supplements and home remedies that may help you get some relief:


  • Beekeeper’s Naturals has several products for sinus support. The natural secret in these products is propolis. Propolis is a combination of tree and plant resin made by bees to protect the hive.
  • Nature Made Immune & Respiratory supplement blends vitamin D3, vitamin C, and EpiCor together for a powerful immune support product.

Home Remedies

  • Steam your face! Steam will help moisturize your sinus passageways and soothe the sinus tissue. In fact a hot shower will do the trick and you can even add a couple drops of essential oils, such as eucalyptus oil, to help open the passageways even further.
  • Eliminate dairy products! Because casein and proteins in dairy products may trigger allergies which can increase mucus production and add to the congestion.
  • Stay hydrated! That is because by staying hydrated, you will help keep your sinuses moist and overall help you feel better.

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