Spermicide Vaginal Contraceptive Gel

Spermicide Vaginal Contraceptive Gel Spermicides online In Kenya

Spermicide is easy to carry


Spermicide doesn’t require medical visit or prescription


Spermicide doesn’t affect the woman’s natural hormone levels

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    Spermicide Vaginal Contraceptive Gel is a chemical product that comes in the form of cream, jelly, and foam. It kills sperm to prevent pregnancy.

    It can be used alone or together with other contraceptives such as the cervical cap, the diaphragm or the sponge

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    Spermicide prevents pregnancy by creating a chemical barrier that either kills or paralyzes sperm.

    How is it used?

    Spermicide is inserted at the end of the vaginal canal either manually or with an applicator.

    Generally, spermicides need to be applied at least 10 minutes before sex but no more than 30 minutes before sex.normatone capsules near me, Normatone Gelatin Capsules High Blood Pressure Supplement in Nairobi, Spermicide Vaginal Contraceptive Gel

    It remains effective for about one hour.

    How effective is it?

    If spermicide is used correctly, it is very effective in preventing pregnancy.

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    Spermicide is easy to carry

    Secondly, spermicide doesn’t require medical visit or prescription

    Spermicide doesn’t affect the woman’s natural hormone levels

    Prolonged use of spermicide can cause irritation to both partners

    If spermicide is applied improperly or in excessive amounts, it can leak from the vagina.

    Where can I get it?Matcha Slimming Tea Shop In Kenya, matcha slimming tea for sale in nairobi

    You can get the spermicide in private or public health clinics. Find a clinic near you in the clinic finder here (Link)

    Does it offer STI protection?


    delay sprays for sale in nairobi centralThe spermicide doesn’t offer any protection against STIs.

    If you have sex and want protection against STIs, always use a condom.

    Also test for STIs at the beginning of the relationship.

    Therefore, avoid changing partners frequently.