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Postpartum Belt Benefits:

  • Tummy fat reduction
  • Posture enhancement
  • Tummy muscle toning
  • Internal organs support
  • Back support and back pain reduction
  • Tummy tucking or body shaping
  • Better comfort for movement after delivery
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    What is a Postpartum Or Maternity Belt?Nairobi Horny Goat Weed Online Shop

    A post-pregnancy belt is a wrap tied around your belly, postpartum, to offer support to your abdominal organs and muscles. A post-delivery belt will help in tightening up loose muscles and push the organs back to position.

    When Can You Start Tying Your Stomach After Pregnancy?Horny Goat Weed Customer Testimonials

    Some doctors suggest that new mothers should wait at least for a day after delivery, before they begin tying their stomach. It is best to consult your doctor about when the right time to start is, as your doctor will be best familiar with your health situation.

    1. After a Normal Delivery

    If you’ve had a normal delivery, you can typically begin tying your stomach within a few hours after giving birth.

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    2. After a C-section

    If you’ve had a C-section, it is advisable to wait until the wound has considerably healed, before you tie your stomach. This may mean at least six to eight weeks. Check with your doctor if you are ready for a belt or a wrap.

    How Does a Postpartum Or Maternity Belt Help in Reducing the Belly?

    Although there is little scientific evidence to back the use of postpartum belts, their popularity stems from cultures around the world that traditionally advocate using one. Some postpartum belt uses include:How is Horny Goat Weed supposed to be taken?

    • Tummy fat reduction
    • secondly, posture enhancement
    • Thirdly, tummy muscle toning
    • Internal organs support
    • In addition, it offers back support and back pain reduction
    • Tummy tucking or body shaping
    • Lastly it gives better comfort for movement after delivery

    What Are the Risks Involved in Using a Postnatal Belt?Where to buy Horny Goat Weed Supplement

    Postnatal belts tuck in the extra fat that you have gained during pregnancy, for a flatter tummy and reduced bulge. However, several doctors advise against the use of these belts after delivery, due to the following risk factors.

    • Excess pressure on the uterus, which may lead to bleeding
    • Rashes and itching around the region where the edges of the belt press into the skin
    • Excessive use of the belts throughout the day, in an effort to reduce fat, which may lead to pain and discomfort
    • After C section, the wounds may take at least six to eight weeks to completely heal. Using the belt before the internal wounds have healed may lead to complications.
    • Possibility of developing a hernia due to constant pressure on the abdomen.Horny Goat Weed Varieties, Postpartum Or Maternity Belt

    Is a Post Maternity Belt Comfortable?

    All mothers who’ve used the abdominal belt after pregnancy will agree that these are far from being comfortable. Using them can even be painful on many occasions, as they wrap around your tummy tightly, for the desired results. If you’ve had a C-section, there may be complications if the belt exerts a lot of pressure where the incision was made. It is also possible for the belt to slip out of position every now and then, requiring constant adjustment. While using softer fabrics can ease some discomfort, they are priced higher.

    Things to Consider About Postpartum Belts

    There are many factors to consider when wearing a postpartum belt, as well as buying the right one for your body. These are some things to keep in mind, before you make the big decision.where to buy Horny Goat Weed In Nairobi Kenya, Postpartum Or Maternity Belt

    1. Consult Your Doctor

    Keep in Mind

    The Velcro can be stiff and tough to open and close at first, but users say it loosens up (yet still remains securely in place) after a bit of use. And don’t forget to check with your health insurance—many plans now offer reimbursement for maternity bands.


    • It is very light but also very strong and supportive
    • It is well finished, extremely comfortable and fully size adjustable
    • provides gentle and flexible support, stabilizing the hips, pelvis and helping reduce pain
    • This support belt is benefits after pregnancy, ideal for most hip and low back pain, pelvis instability and sacroiliac syndrome
    • Strong velcro, strong viscous force, never deformation
    • Item Type: Pelvic Support Belt
    • Material: Elastic Fibers
    • Color: Beige
    • Size: M/L/XL(choose the one you need)


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