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Orthopedic Lower Back (Lumbar) Support Belt With Steel Plates For Discs alignment And Heat Therapy Massage Pads

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    “My Physiotherapist advised me to use LumbarFix Lower Back Support in managing slipped lumbar discs pains. By the way i am Happy beyond words, I can not regret. The supporting steel plates and heat therapy pad does wonders.”
    Mercy Awour,Kisumu-(Verified Buyer)

    WHY IS LumbarFix Lower Back Support WORTH FOR YOU

    Generally, LumbarFix is a 360-degrees wrap-around belt designed to provide compression for the lower back-the lumbar. In addition, it is uniquely designed to make it so efficient in lumbar pain relieve



    LumbarFix Lower Back Support relieves lower back pain and improves stability with specially contoured lumbosacral steel and flexible support plates. Similarly, these plates are removable and can be slotted into back-pockets built into the belt.


    The plate is curved to follow the spinal curve. As you wear it, the plate pushes against your spine, keeping you straight. Therefore, this posture reduces pain caused by pinched nerves and compressed discs.


    SELF-HEATING PADSAdvantages of Flexibility cream for back and joints

    LumbarFix Includes a removable self-heating tourmaline pad that provides hot compress therapy to improve blood circulation to joints and muscles. Additionally, this helps repair damaged muscles, relieves inflammation, and reduces back stiffness.


    This the material used for self heating. For example, it’s the one which comes into contact with your body, triggers the body to produce its own heat. Otherwise, no External power needed for heating.


    Within the heating pads are evenly spaced. So, it provides acupuncture therapy as well as responsible for blood circulation on the heated area.


    TOURMALINE SELF HEATING PAD; This being responsible for heat therapy, you only wear it on case to case basis. Similarly, you wear it till you can’t handle the heat any more or you just feel relaxed. By the way it is mildly rough to the skin because of magnet stones

    VELVET(KEEP WARM) PAD; Used when you are not using the self heating pads. Secondly, it  is meant to cushion your back against the steel plates and splints. Most importantly, it is very warm and soft to the skin.

    BREATHABLE MESH PAD; Used incase you might need to give your back optional therapy. For example like ICE-COLD PACK  and HOT WATER BOTTLE THERAPIES. However, it has a pouch where you insert them and wrap around the belt normally.

    Who is LumbarFix Lower Back Support Ideal For?

    Orthopedic Lower Back (Lumbar) Support Belt With Steel Plates For Discs alignment And Heat Therapy Massage Pads. Furthermore, it is ideal for people suffering from Lumbar pains caused by;

    LumbarFix Lower Back Support

    What To Expect From LumbarFix Lower Back Support

    What Does The LumbarFix Lower Back Support Package Contain?

    1. LumbarFix™ back brace
    2. Secondly, steel support plate and splints
    3. Thirdly, self-heating pad
    4. Warm velvet pad
    5. In addition, there is a breathable Mesh
    6. Lastly, Eco-Friendly Recyclable Bag

    LumbarFix Lower Back Support Reviews

    Mrs. Mary Warugongo

    “I just received LumbarFix Lower Back Support this morning having ordered it last night! Normally I procrastinate on reviews BUT I have to tell anyone with lower back pain that this item is fantastic!! I had Lumbar Spine Surgery where my spine was completely rebuilt. Additionally, all my Lumbar Discs were in BAD condition. I had a brace I bought 2 yrs ago & 1 given after surgery in Hospital. Both were very uncomfortable!! This one? Holy Cow, talk about a difference not only in comfort but stability. I highly recommend!!!!! Thank you StepAid!.”

    Aisha Hamadi

    “Wore this post surgery, and it was the only one the surgeon liked, rather than wearing the huge one provided by the hospital. it puts support in the lumbar area that secures those muscles and spine. By the way i have lived in this thing for several months. Still use it if doing something physical, to make sure nothing moves where it shouldn’t

    Mary Odhiambio

    I suffer from arthritis in my back. Normal daily tasks like laundry and vacuuming are terribly painful unless I am wearing this brace. Generally, it is so easy to put on, and very comfortable to wear. Similarly, i own it in 2 sizes, one for when I am eating right, and one for when I need to lose a few pounds. Okay…i have pulled out the metal bars from both braces. I find that wrapping myself tight is all I need to support myself and feel great. Okay, i don’t need to wear this all the time, but it is easy to put on for a half-hour or so of support and then take off again.