18 Flavors Liver Nourishing And Liver Care Tea In Kenya

18 Flavors Liver Nourishing And Liver Care Tea In Kenya

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    18 Flavors Liver Nourishing And Liver Care Teavipromac shop kenya

    Liver Care Tea. Protect and Nourish Your Liver With This liver nourishing tea which has many natural ingredients such as burdock root, wolfberry; all of these can promote liver cell repair and regeneration, and are good for metabolism of your liver. This is because Red dates, Cassia seed included in Liver Care Tea can provide the nutrients needed by the body and promote blood circulation. Similarly, it helps beautify the skin. Likewise, Chrysanthemum, wolfberry and other ingredients in Liver Care tea is helpful to relieve anxiety and fatigue, relax your body and bring you a better sleep quality. By the way it works best for people who are sedentary,always stay up late, have dry mouth, bad breath and other unhealthy living habits.reviews alpha beast for men nairobi central, Liver Care Tea

    Liver Care Tea Description

    Shelf life: Three years

    Health function: Generally, it has auxiliary protective effects on chemical liver injury and improves longjack xxxl reviews kenya, Liver Care Teagastrointestinal function (moistening intestines and defecating)

    Effective ingredients: 0.35g of chlorogenic acid and 0.70g of total saponins (calculated as ginsenoside Re) per 100g

    Suitable population: people at risk of chemical liver injury, constipation

    Unsuitable population: None

    Storage conditions: cool, dry, and odorless

    Lastly, pay Attention because: This product cannot replace drugs

    Liver Care Tea Feature:

    18 Flavors of Liver Protection TeaBox of 30 Bags Tea. Secondly, each box contains 5g/1bag, 30 bags/1box.glucopro in kenya, Liver Care Tea

    Suitable forPeople who stay up late, are sedentary and have poor lifestyle habits.

    Individually Package One pack at a time, and the brewing is portable.

    By the way it is Easy to Carry,Small and delicate, if traveling can take with you.

    Easy to useJust put liver protection tea in a cup and brew it with boiling water, simple and convenient.

    How to use Liver Care Tea:

    Remove the product from the packaging and place it in a cup. Pour in an appropriate amount of boiling water and let it sit for 3 to 5 minutes before drinking.insulinol diabetes supplement in kenya


    1. Due to the display and light, please focus on the actual product received.

    2. Secondly due to manual measurement, please allow an error of 1-2cm.

    Package Included:

    1/2/3 box * 18 Flavors of Liver Protection Tea

    Where can I buy 18 Flavors Liver Nourishing And Liver Care Tea In Kenya?

    Health Supplements Kenya is the place to shop. In addition, the service for the customer is pleasant. In addition, you can call them using telephone number +254723408602. However, you can visit their office in 2nd Floor Of Nacico Coop Chamber On Mondlane Street Opposite Imenti House.

    Product ingredients:bioforce joints gel in kenya, Liver Care Tea

    Cassia seeds, hawthorn licorice, mulberry leaves, kudzu root, yam gardenia, double red rose, jujube, burdock root, Luo Han Guo, dandelion, chrysanthemum, wolfberry, osmanthus, gorgon fruit, eucommia bear flower (artificially planted), bergamot.

    Brewing method:
    Take this 18 Flavors Of Liver Protection Tea out of the package, put it into a cup, and brew it with appropriate amount of boiling water, let it sit for 3-5 minutes, and it is ready to eat.

    IN FACT IT IS VERY SIMPLE AND CONVENIENT TO USEprostaline male enhancement capsules in kenya