Original Froza Vitamin C+ from Thailand 60 Capsules in Nairobi +254723408602



✔️High in vitamin C, E and A

✔️Powerful antioxidant properties

✔️Helps in collagen production

✔️Boost immunity

✔️Brightens complexion

✔️Prevents premature aging

✔️Protects skin from UVA and UVB damage

✔️Fades dark spots and blemishes

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    ✔️High in vitamin C, E and A
    ✔️Secondly, it has powerful antioxidant properties
    FROZA Vitamin C+ 60capsuleThirdly, it helps in collagen production
    ✔️, FROZA Vitamin C+ 60capsuleBoost immunity
    ✔️, FROZA Vitamin C+ 60capsuleIn addition, it brightens complexion
    ✔️Prevents premature aging
    ✔️, FROZA Vitamin C+ 60capsuleProtects skin from UVA and UVB damage
    ✔️, FROZA Vitamin C+ 60capsuleFades dark spots and blemishes
    ✔️, FROZA Vitamin C+ 60capsuleReduce Acne


    Ascorbic Acid-200mg

    Zinc Amino Acid-40mg


    ⏩Fast Track : Take 2 Capsule a day
    However, take 1 Capsule in the morning before breakfast and 1 Capsule after meal before bedtime
    👍🏼, FROZA Vitamin C+ 60capsuleFDA APPROVED
    👌🏼, FROZA Vitamin C+ 60capsuleGMP CERTIFIED


    General Precautions– Not for use in Children, Pregnant Women, Breastfeeding Mothers or in Chronic Medical Illnesses.

    Real People. Real results.

    Here’s what everyone else is saying about the incredible results of the FROZA Vitamin C+ 60capsule

    I started taking FROZA Vitamin C+ 60 capsule about 30 days ago. An in fact my facial and general complexion has changed. My last reading was 120/78, whereas prior to supplementation it was 140 – 160 over 90.

    Mary, 53 years

    Verified Buyer

    To help prevent heart disease, you can:

    1. Firstly eat healthy.
    2. Secondly get active.
    3. Thirdly stay at a healthy weight.
    4. In the same vein quit smoking and stay away from secondhand smoke.
    5. Moreover control your cholesterol and blood pressure.
    6. Likewise drink alcohol only in moderation.
    7. Finally manage stress.
    It helps you control blood sugar and blood pressure while also keeping your weight in check, all at once. In fact my wife and I have been using this product for over 3 months.

    Francesco, 67 years

    Verified Buyer
    What makes it the best product out there is its all-natural ingredient matrix. Because you can take the supplement with complete confidence
    Lara, 69 years

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    Where To Buy FROZA Vitamin C+ 60capsule   ;

    You can call US using telephone number +254723408602. However, you can also visit their office in 2nd Floor Of Nacico Coop Chamber On Mondlane Street Opposite Imenti House.  In addition we can deliver our products anywhere in the world. This is through global couriers. Likewise, this is a good product. You should try it!!