EELHOE Tongue Cleansing Gel With Brush In Kenya Mouth Odorlizer


EELHOE Tongue Cleansing Gel With Brush In Kenya Mouth Odorlizer

1. eliminate halitosis: proper tongue scraper is the best way to treat halitosis. Your new tongue scraper can not only clean your mouth, but also effectively keep your mouth fresh without irritation.

2. safety ingredients: the tongue scraper is made of high-quality environmental protection materials, which is durable, safe, healthy, odorless and fragrance free.

3. combination package design: the brush handle design of the tongue cleaner, combined with the exclusive formula, can comfortably and effectively clean the odor bacteria threatening the health on the tongue. Together they ensure that the mouth is fresh and clean.

4. wide range of use: the tongue cleaning kit can easily remove sticky substances and food residues on the tongue coating. It is very suitable for people who smoke, drink and stay up late.

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    EELHOE Tongue Cleansing Gel with Brush is a portable oral care solution that effectively eliminates bad breath. In addition, the natural botanical ingredients, including sorbitol and mint, offer safe and healthy cleansing, while the brush helps remove sticky substances and food residues from the tongue coating. With daily use, this kit keeps mouths fresh and clean, making it an excellent choice for smokers and late nighters.Medical Grade Scar Spray In Kenya,Scar Removal in Nairobi,Affordable Scar Removal in Nairobi,Deep Scar Removal, best scar removal creams in kenya, scar removal cream kenya, silicone scar removers in kenya
    The BRAND-NEW Coating Removal Technology To Keep The Mouth Fresh, Clean And Healthy. Ensures Your Breath Is Fresh And Eliminates All Forms Of Mouth Odor. Perfect For Anyone Who Smokes Or Drinks Coffee So Your Breath Remains Fresh Anytime Any day. Likewise, this Odorlizer Is Comfortable In Texture And Can Be Used By The Family Both Elderly And Children. Removes All Coatings From The Tongue So The Tongue Remains Healthy And Pink. Most importantly, it Is Mild, Non-Irritating, And With Peppermint Scent For Long-Lasting Freshness.

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    Squeeze a little cleansing gel onto the brush, hold the tongue brush with one hand and scrape it forward from the back of the tongue. Repeat a few times and you’re done!

    EELHOE Tongue Cleansing Gel Features;

    1. Safe Ingredients: The Brush Tongue Scraper is made of high-quality environmental material, durable, safe, healthy, has no smell, and is fragrance-free. In fact this Tongue Cleansing Gel is made from natural botanical ingredients such as sorbitol, water, and mint.anticancer plants in nairobi,Medicinal plants used for treating cancer in Kenya,Scientists reveal 20 Kenyan plants that can cure cancer, EELHOE Tongue Cleansing Gel,Can herbs truly treat cancer,Cure Cancer Naturally Now ,Herbal Medicine for Cancer

    2. Eliminate Bad Breath: It is the effective solution for bad breath. With daily use, the tongue scraper not only cleans your mouth but also effectively keeps your mouth fresh without irritation.

    3. Thirdly, it is Portable: With our all-natural tongue cleaning gel helps enhance your cleaning experience while keeping your mouth fresh and clean. With a slim profile, it’s easy to store nearly anywhere & easy to clean & sanitize.Premium Blood Pressure Support Supplement in Kenya,Hypertension Vitamins & Supplements,Blood Supplements in Kenya for sale,Cardio plus high blood pressure capsules, cardiofix high blood pressure capsules,normatone high blood pressure capsules in kenya, cardioton, neoritm, detonic powder, cardioactive capsules, hyperguard, heartkeep, vitedox garlic

    4. Steps For Usage: Squeeze a little of the tongue cleaning gel onto the brush, hold Tongue Brush in one hand, and shave from the back of our tongue to the front. After scraping, rinse your mouth with clean water and wash the tongue cleaner brush with warm water.

    Prostaline supplement in Kenya,PROSTALINE Capsules for men's health,Prostate Supplements,EELHOE Tongue Cleansing Gel, How does Prostaline work? ... Prostaline is a treatment based on capsules of 400 milligrams5. Wide To Use: Tongue Cleaner Kit easily removes sticky substances and food residues from the tongue coating. Hence it is very suitable for people who smoke, drink and stay up late.

    Where can I get Tongue Cleaning Gel Set In Kenya?

    HealthSupplementsKenya is the place to shop. In addition, the service for the customer is pleasant. You can call them using telephone number +254723408602. However, you can visit their office in 2nd Floor Of Nacico Coop Chamber On Mondlane Street Opposite Imenti House.Sawa Power Capsules 450mg Kenya,SAWA POWER 2S,Sawa Power - Lowest price in Kenya,Sawa Power Herbal Sexual Enhancement For Both Men And Women, where to buy sawa power pills for men in nairobi

    Material: Water, Mint, Sorbitol
    Color: Multicolor
    Product Size: Tongue Cleansing Gel: 13.2 x 5.5cm, Brush: 19.4 x 2.9cmProduct Weight: 50g
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