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Clearclin Acne Treatment Lotion In Kenya

  •  Effectively fight acne
  • Repairs Acne and Damaged Skin
  • Visibly Reduces Sign of Acne And Scar
  • Constantly treats All Stages of Acne
  • Helps to Heal Breakouts
  • Protects skin against dryness without making it greasy.
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    Clearclin Acne Treatment Lotion 60ml

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    Clearclin Acne Treatment Lotion.  Do you want to have breakout free flawless skin? Secondly do you want a face free of pimples and dark spots. With added anti-ageing benefits? If you suffer from acne-prone skin you have probably used tones of products on your face with some working and most never work. Actually, they may lead to the worsening of acne.

    It all boils down to where on the comedogenic scale the products you are applying fall. You should be applying something with a zero comedogenic effect. Okay, how do I know which product to use ? That is the reason we are here to assist you in avoiding breakouts and achieve that great desired look.

     With this lotion:

    •  Effectively fight acne
    • Secondly, it repairs Acne and Damaged Skin
    • Thirdly, it visibly Reduces Sign of Acne And Scar
    • Constantly treats All Stages of Acne
    • Helps to Heal Breakouts
    • Lastly, it protects skin against dryness without making it greasy.

    If you have active acne 1st we recommend our clearclin lotion: Because IT IS A deeply moisturizing, low pH, exfoliating Acne lotion made with salicylic acid & Tea Tree oil,

    Salicylic acid’s unique property of deep exfoliation into hair follicles reduces redness for even tone skin, also increases cell turnover and collagen deposition which reduces body acne and dry skin. his product is all natural. Additionally, it gives you safe, reliable and real results. Besides, the product can be used hand in hand with other lotions. Thus it simply speeds up the process. This product will give you the skin tone that you need.

    Other products that we recommend using together with clearclin include:

    • Retinol night serum: Works to unclog the pores clearing the breakouts that have formed. Additionally, it works as an anti-ageing. In fact it is a must use for acne-prone and active acne face.
    • Skin radiance serum: Works to repair your face from scars caused by breakouts giving your face an even skin tone.  So, no more dark spots.