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Bromelain Vegetarian Capsules

  • This excellent digestive aid helps break down foods more efficiently
  • 500 mg veggie Capsules deliver a potent 1,200 GDU of enzyme activity per Capsule
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    Bromelain Vegetarian Capsules

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    Get the most out of the foods you eat with the digestive support of Bromelain Vegetarian Capsules! If your body doesn’t digest food efficiently, even the healthiest diet can come up short of your needs.
    Bromelain is an enzyme complex derived from pineapple that helps your system break down foods so you get the full benefit of the nutrients in your diet. Therefore, this formula delivers 1,200 GDU of enzyme activity per veggie capsule.
    • Bromelain Vegetarian Capsules helps break down foods more efficiently
    • secondly, 500 mg veggie Capsules deliver a potent 1,200 GDU of enzyme activity per Capsule
    • Thirdly, an enzyme complex derived from pineapples
    • Vegetarian
    • Generally, per GMP guidelines set forth by the FDA, most products are formulated for 24 months from the date of manufacture.

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    5.0 out of 5 stars. Works great for a digestive aid.
    Used for digestive function. In fact, everything was perfect. Therefore, i will continue doing business with you. Thank You! I’m very please with the product. By the way it worked very great at reducing the swelling in my sinuses


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